• General Surgery

    Over 60 years of experience working with the top brands.

  • Wide range
    of TC Gold instruments

    Premium TC Instruments at Affordable Prices.

  • High Quality
    Kerrison Rongeurs

    Ferris-Smith-Kerrison Rongeur,
    Love-Kerrison Laminectomy Rongeur,
    Kerrison Intervertebral Disc Rongeur

Why Choose Us

We are experts in this industry with over 60 years of experience.
We work with some of the best brands in the world.

Production Capacity

We spend a large fraction of our revenues on the acquisition of the latest production technology, research and development and training of our workforce. Our focus is not only quality but quality at an economical price point. Our current production capacity exceeds 1,000,000 instruments annually.


Customer Trust

We relentlessly focus on customer service and timely delivery of customer orders. In addition, we use only imported stainless steel from Japan and France in the production of our instruments. Quality materials combined with timely delivery and the excellent workmanship of our labor force has earned us the trust of some of the biggest brands in the industry.


International Quality Standards

We were one of the first companies in Sialkot to pass FDA GMP inspections more than two decades ago. Since then, we have invested continuousy to keep our production facilities in compliance with the latest quality standards such as ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.


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  • Phone: +92 523 55 4100
  • Email: info@bashirjamil.com
  • Mon to Sat: 08:00am to 04:30pm

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