Hess Chart Diagnostic System

Digi Hess Chart provides an easy to use software to automate the process of Hess Screen diagnositic tests.

Indigenously Developed Hess Chart

  • With easy editing. auto graphing and reporting capabilities. it dramatically reduces time and effort and ensures pin point test accuracy
  • Equipped with report printing and ex­porting to ready share portable docu­ment format. it provides an easy and cost effective solution without com­promising on quality and reliability.
  • As an integrated network component of MRS. its data syncs with a central database to enable access from multi­ple locations inside a hospital or a clinic
  • Digitally store and retrieve patient test reports without the hassle of tracking them manually

In ophthalmology, Hess screen is an imperative instrument which is primarily employed for the measurement of paralytic strabismus. Strabismus is the state of eye in which eyes are not properly aligned with each other and patient complaint for double vision (diplopia). In this paper we propose a model for the automation of traditional Hess Screen instrument for the diagnosis of strabismus. Currently this system is totally manual in operate and consume lot of time of patient as well as ophthalmologist. We present a three stage system consisting of image acquisition, point extraction, plotting and computer aided diagnosis algorithm. First stage is composed of a digital camera which will take images of the HESS board and transfer it to a computer. In second stage image processing techniques are used to extract points from images to draw HESS plot, and in third stage an algorithm based on fuzzy logic is designed which will automatically diagnose the paralytic strabismus using statistics of the Hess graphs. This system is convenient, fast and has an ability to manage medical record with refinement. The evaluation of proposed system is performed by using dataset provided by well known local hospital.